It’s a day late, but I’m posting anyway

So last week’s prompt from MamaKat made me recall a (literally) painful memory, so this week I chose a prompt which brought a smile to my face when I thought about it: “Describe the first date you went on in a boy’s car.”

This prompt makes me particularly happy because the first date I went on in a boy’s car just so happened to be my first date with my now hubby. The hubs and I started dating in high school – I was 16 and he was 17. He also had a driver’s license AND a car (well, technically, it was his Dad’s car at the time, but it is now his car). *swoon*

OK, so the actual date. I had to think long and hard about this because it seems like ages ago, but the details all came flooding back to me once I starting thinking about it. Hubs didn’t have my telephone number, so he asked a mutual friend to give it to him. He calls my house and we chat for a while. Now, hubs has a very common name. So common that I knew several people with the same name in high school whom I was also friends with. And if I’m completely honest, I definitely thought he was one of those other friends at first. It took me a little while, but I realized who I was really talking to and I was completely flabbergasted. I had a crush on hubs for quite some time, but we were most definitely in the “friend” zone and he wasn’t taking any of my hints that I wanted to take the relationship to a different level (my hubby is not the most astute guy when it comes to flirting). So in my shock, I panic. I told him I had to go and I would talk to him later.

“Wait! So the real reason I was calling….ummmm…what are you doing tonight?” *silence on my end* “Ummm…what I mean…ummm…did you want to go to the movies with me?” *nervous laughter from me* “Ummm…so is that a yes?”

I must have babbled something along the lines of an affirmative response, because the hubs told me he would pick me up later that night. (Did I mention he had a CAR?! This was a HUGE step for me.) So the rest of my day went by quickly – I was in my high school’s musical, so I had practice that afternoon. The mutual friend who gave hubs my number? Yeah, he was in the musical, too. So I told him everything that happened. He warned me not to get my hopes up because…well…hubs can be kind of a jerk. So I should be prepared for him to be late and not to pay for me. Hmmm. I prepared myself.

Well, hubs was NOT late. In fact, he was early. I was still finishing getting dressed when I peaked out my window and saw “Tally” (that’s our nickname for his car). *panic* I wasn’t even CLOSE to ready. Somehow, I managed to get dressed, do my hair and makeup and fly down the stairs without making him wait too long. But I couldn’t find my damn coat (it was January). Finally, I located my jacket and said, “sorry about that! I have everything now.”

Hubs looks at me. “No, you don’t.” *internal panic* Did I forget something? Was there something wrong with my outfit? I had money in my pocket, I didn’t need my purse…what could it be????

From behind his back, he drew a single red rose. He handed it to me. “NOW you have everything.” *swoon*

(Side note – mutual friend was soooooooooo wrong about hubby)

I quickly hug him and thank him for the flower. We walk to his car and he held the door open for me. *more swooning* He gets into the driver’s seat and off we go. Now, every other date I had ever been on; someone ELSE was driving. Usually a parent. Or another friend. I didn’t have a license. Most of the guys I had dated didn’t have a license. This was the first time I was in a car, on a date with a guy who was DRIVING the car. We were completely alone. Shit. There was no buffer. No one else to talk to. We needed to talk to each other. And that makes me VERY nervous.

So what do I do? Ask him if HE’S nervous! He says he isn’t, I accuse him of lying to make himself look better and tell him he’s TOTALLY nervous (great strategy, right?). This goes on for most of the ride to the movie theater. Finally, I realize this isn’t the best course of conversation, so I ask him what movie he wanted to see. We decided to see Antitrust.

I’ll spare you the details about the movie (not terrible, not great, but at least it gave us stuff to talk about after). When the movie ended, we head out of the theater to HIS car. (It was amazing not to have to call a parent or wait for a friend to come and get us!) Then I realized I left my coat in the aforementioned car. It was January. And freezing. Hubby was a semi-jerk and made a comment about how silly it was for me to leave my coat in the car, but he saved himself by wrapping his arm around me as we hurried to the car.

Want to know the other great thing about the hubs having his own car? We could go wherever we wanted! Instead of going straight home, we decided to extend our first date by getting milkshakes at a local 50s diner. We spent the car ride there discussing the movie, then talked about anything and everything over our delicious milkshakes. Finally, he drove me home, kissed me goodnight on the stairs and I watched his car drive away from the window. This was the first of many nights where I would look out the window to see his car pulling up to take me out and watch him drive away after spending time together.

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8 Responses to It’s a day late, but I’m posting anyway

  1. Erica says:

    How sweet! I can’t remember my first date. Must have not been as eventful as yours. =)

  2. meghanmuses says:

    Haha, Erica! I probably only remember it so much because it was my first date with the hubby. I don’t really remember my first dates with my other boyfriends 🙂

  3. sara says:

    🙂 Cute!

  4. kayemgi says:

    I awwwed out loud when he pulled out the rose! So cute!

    Also, I love Mama Kat’s site, thanks for introducing her to me via last week’s post! I keep looking at all of her prompts, but nothing has hit me yet. Someday!

    • meghanmuses says:

      Tee-hee, he was definitely uber-romantic in the beginning…what happened?! LoL

      Glad you enjoy Mama Kat, K! I found out about her site from another Mommy Blogger (Mommy’s Still Fabulous) I follow; she answered one of the prompts so I picked it up.

      I do like that she offers more than one prompt a week; it makes it easier for me to find something that can work for me. I’m forcing myself to stick with it so I have a regular post going up on my blog AND so I can knock off the goal on my list (which you inspired me to do, btw!).

  5. Aw – it sounds like the perfect first car date!

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