May I have this dance?

I have been thinking about my wedding a lot, lately. Severeal of my friends are engaged and planning their weddings, and chatting with them about it reminds me of planning my own wedding and how much fun I had on my wedding day (even with all the stress I experienced ahead of time). I’ve been perusing friends’ wedding pictures on Facebook (shameless, I know, but it’s a completely innocent waste of my time) and recalling how happy I get whenver I see a picture from my wedding day. Last night, the hubs and I met with a photographer (side note – we’re having a wonderful woman take our maternity portraits) and she happened to see a framed picture in our living room of us walking into our wedding reception. We were NOT the typical “stop, smile and pose” couple. In this picture, the hubs is grinning gleefully while clasping my hand and strolling comfortably, while I’m grasping his hand confidently and glancing down with an open-mouth grin (I was probably screaming “woooooooooooooo”) with my other hand holding my bouquet triumphantly in the air. The photographer was laughing, saying we looked like we had a lot of fun. Hubs and I smiled at each other: we most certainly did.

And today, I read a fantastic post by E on Mommy’s Still Fabulous about her wedding song (prompted by Mama Kat – thanks, E, for introducing me to her blog; I’m looking forward to expanding my blog with her writing prompts) and I was compelled to write about my own wedding song. So here goes…

Hubs and I had a helluva time picking our wedding song. Honestly, I had my wedding song picked since I was in middle school: the love song from “The Princess Bride”, aka “Storybook Love” by Willie DeVille and Mark Knopfler (Google it; I can’t find a decent version on YouTube at the moment); but I was VERY specific about it. I ONLY wanted to have the instrumental version played. No words. Because the words are cheesy. And Willie DeVille has an…interesting voice. I was dead set on this song. The hubs just wanted to make me happy, so he said he would listen to it and give it a yay or nay. Not a minute into the song, he cracks up laughing. I blame Willie De Ville’s voice; it’s ridiculous. He told me he couldn’t listen to the song, even the instrumental version, without losing it on the dancefloor. So that song was out.

Which meant we had to start from scratch. Which was NOT good, because hubs and I had very different ideas as to what an “appropriate” wedding song would be (not to mention our tastes in music are quite different). Hubby only listens to rock and alternative; I didn’t think either of those genres would be a good choice for our first dance as husband and wife. I didn’t want to use a “standard” first dance song and hubs hates slow songs (unless it’s a rock ballad, of course). I kept tossing out ideas, the hubs kept shooting them down.

Then I had an idea: what if we used a rock song for when we walked into the reception and something slightly more appropriate for our first dance? Compromise – it’s the first lesson in marriage 🙂

And it worked. Our bridal party entered the reception to the Foo Fighters singing “Times Like These” (Foo is hubby’s favorite band). Hubs and I walked in dancing to Plain White T’s singing “You and Me” (sooo catchy and upbeat, you can’t help but dance along). And our first dance was NOT a slow song. It was a little bit fast, a lotta bit chill and totally perfect for us. At the time, it wasn’t playing on the radio and not a lot of people at the reception knew what it was; but it’s definitely one people recognize now.

I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Check out the lyrics. Amazing, right? We chose it because it was a good melding of the types of music we both like: pop and rock. It was such a fun, loving song and it completely set the mood for the rest of the reception. Everyone was on the dance floor that night and it was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding. Hands down, the best party I’ve ever thrown!

The song was absolutely perfect for us. Want to know how I know? Every time either of us hear it, we smile and think and back to our first dance. And in every picture of our first dance (except the one where the photographer made us stop and pose), we’re smiling, giggling, twirling and singing along. We had FUN with it. And that was the whole point for us – lots and lots of fun.

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4 Responses to May I have this dance?

  1. Hannah says:

    As sick as I am occasionally of hearing “I’m Yours”, it still always makes me smile because it makes me think about how happy you guys were. Your wedding was so ridiculously fun!

    Our first dance was “Passenger Seat” by Death Cab for Cutie. Really slow, looking back on it, but it’s still a song that makes us stop and hold hands in the car and get all teary-eyed and happy. Good times. 🙂

    • meghanmuses says:

      LoL, Hannah, yeah it definitely got overplayed for a while there, but it’s always nice for me to hear 🙂

      And “awwwwwwwww” to holding hands and getting teary-eyed and happy. You know you picked a good song then!

  2. Stephanie says:

    What a lovely post. I love that song.

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