So what’s this blog all about?

When I first started blogging, it was pretty aimless – I would post memes, random thoughts, rants, unfiltered mental dumps and the like. I started with LiveJournal and Xanga (for those twenty-somethings and older, you know what I’m talking about), then I moved on to Google’s Blogger. Regardless of the blogging platform, I still didn’t have a central theme to what I was writing. The lack of focus really started to irritate me and actually stopped me from posting on more than one occasion: because I had no central idea of what my blog was supposed to be about, I could post about anything and everything; the limitless options paralyzed me. I realized in order to blog routinely, I needed to focus what I was writing about.

Inspired by some of my favorite Mommy/marriage/life bloggers – I’m looking at you: Katie, Stephanie, Sara and E (note, E doesn’t post under her name so I won’t post it here) – I decided to add my little blog to their niche. So here’s my plan: I’m going to write about my marriage and Mommyhood. I’ll leave myself a little wiggle room to ramble about other stuff in my life, because I exist outside of being a wife and Mother, but those posts won’t be the primary focus of this space.

Happy reading!

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