101 Things in 1001 Days

Here is my goal list from my DayZero Project:

  1. Watch at least 50 of the movies on AFI’s Top 100 list
  2. Give birth to my baby girl
  3. Complete a baby book for my daughter
  4. Create a DayZero list
  5. Add 500 posts to my blog
  6. Lose at least half of the baby weight
  7. Start an exercise routine
  8. Lower my TV consumption by one hour per day
  9. Travel to somewhere in New England
  10. Bring back monthly date night with my hubby
  11. Pray daily
  12. Write a hand-written note instead of an e-mail
  13. Answer at least 50 Plinky prompts
  14. Enter 5 BloggyMoms Blog Challenges
  15. Submit an article to a magazine
  16. Read 100 books in a year
  17. Learn to cook 10 new dishes
  18. Bake a pie from scratch
  19. Learn to meditate
  20. Write the book I keep thinking about; even if I’m the only one who ever reads it
  21. Volunteer my time
  22. Donate to a charity
  23. Donate clothes I don’t wear anymore
  24. Have my submitted magazine article published in said magazine
  25. Read at least 20 books from Times 100 Greatest Novels list
  26. Read at least 20 books from The Guardian’s 1,000 Novels Everyone Must Read list
  27. Read at least 20 books from Best 100 Lists Best 100 Novels
  28. Read at least 20 books from Great Books Guide 100 Greatest Novels list
  29. Learn to play a new song on the piano
  30. Memorize one new song to play on the piano
  31. Call someone just to talk and really listen to what they have to say
  32. Figure out at least 10 things that make ME happy
  33. Splash in puddles on a rainy day
  34. Have a picnic in my backyard
  35. Make someone a present instead of buying something
  36. Talk to someone new at an event
  37. Create a birthday calendar
  38. Get maternity portraits taken
  39. Photograph my baby’s milestones
  40. Spend one hour a week in total silence
  41. Cook food my family grew in our backyard
  42. Kiss my hubby in a rainstorm
  43. Take a class about anything
  44. Learn to play the guitar
  45. Learn a song on guitar
  46. Memorize a song on the guitar
  47. Comment on 1 blog post a week
  48. Clean out my e-mail inbox
  49. Put all of my loose papers into a coherent filing system
  50. Organize all of the closets in my house
  51. Go to church every Sunday
  52. Start and maintain a shopping list so I don’t forget what we need at the house
  53. Write a guest post for someone’s blog
  54. Move all of my storage boxes out of my Mom’s house
  55. Visit a friend who lives more than an hour away
  56. Host a holiday party at my house
  57. Frame pictures to hang on the walls of my house
  58. Start a Happiness Project
  59. Apply for freelance writing positions
  60. Mentor someone
  61. Organize my dresser and nightstand
  62. Learn to French braid hair
  63. Plan my first family vacation – just me, the hubs and baby
  64. Respond to personal e-mails within 3 days
  65. Learn infant CPR
  66. Learn how to perform the Heimlich on an infant
  67. Clean out my car
  68. Learn how to use the panorama feature on my digital camera
  69. Take photographs of nature
  70. Furnish every room in the house with at least something to sit on
  71. Furnish and decorate the nursery
  72. Complete my “Mommy book”
  73. Take time each day to ask my hubby about his day
  74. Celebrate my Mom’s 50th birthday HER way
  75. Start practicing yoga
  76. Spend time each week thinking about what I am grateful for in my life
  77. Read the news
  78. Participate in a discussion about the news and speak my honest opinion
  79. Read a book I normally wouldn’t pick up
  80. Transfer all of my recipes from scrap paper to recipe cards
  81. Surprise someone with a “just because” gift
  82. Celebrate my Dad’s 50th birthday HIS way
  83. Step outside of my comfort zone
  84. Say “yes” when I want to say “no”
  85. Say “no” when I want to say “yes”
  86. Write a letter to the editor
  87. Offer support to a friend in need
  88. Stretch: physically, mentally and spiritually
  89. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night
  90. Spend one day unplugged from everything – no TV, phone or computer
  91. Have my daughter Baptized at our church
  92. Start writing in my journal again
  93. Work with the hubby to create a budget
  94. Stick to said budget
  95. Make up a silly game with a child
  96. Take part in an activity I don’t enjoy but someone I love does
  97. Complete at least 50 of Mama Kat’s writing prompts
  98. Unsubscribe from e-mails I don’t actually read
  99. Get a professional family portrait taken
  100. Buy a new car
  101. Become flexible enough to do a full split and straddle

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